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Far East Boats Co., Ltd
http://en.fareastboats.com/ 08.12.2014, 21:59
Founded in 2002, Shanghai Far East Boats Co., Ltd. is recognized as one of the biggest boat builder in China. The goal is to produce various high quality sailboats, ribs and boat fittings for our customers. Shanghai Far East is the biggest optimist builder in the world and also has the license to build International 420. Besides these class boats, we also have our own design sailing boats and our sailing yacht series, Sailing yacht FAREAST 18, FAREAST 26 are now sailing, 33ft FAREAST 33 and 36 ft catamaran FAREAST 36 are currently being drawn up. With the high technology, professional service, Shanghai Far East will supply you the boats from 2.3 meter to 11 meter....
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